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60 Years On and Still No. 1

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60 Years On

Sylvia Edgar was the first Member to join Qudos Bank when it opened in 1959 as Qantas Staff Co-operative Credit Union. 60 years on, and she’s proud to say she’s still a Member.

Working as a secretary to the Financial Planning Director at Qantas, Sylvia was one of the first to learn about the Credit Union and the great interest rates it was going to offer. She was so excited to become a Member, she withdrew all her funds from her existing bank and deposited her 300 pounds into a Qantas Staff Credit Union account before it had even officially opened.

Plenty has changed over the last 60 years, yet Sylvia knows our values and customer service remain the primary focus and that is one of the reasons she has stayed with Qudos Bank. "The service is still the same, it feels very much like home.. not like the other big banks". "I’m very happy using Qudos, feels more personalised." - Sylvia.

For many customers including Sylvia, face to face banking is still a preferred way to bank and our friendly branch staff are more than happy to help. "I visit the branch on my way to work at the Opera House. The staff at Qudos Bank make it a wonderful place to bank, they make you feel welcome and they help me pay my bills" - Sylvia.

And after 60 years, Sylvia is happy to continue being a member at Qudos Bank "I’ve been with Qudos Bank my whole life and I will be with them for the rest of it’"- Sylvia.

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