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Cheers to 60 years

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Qudos Bank 60 years

Discover 10 fun facts of our history.

As we prepare to celebrate our 60th anniversary in November, we can’t help but look back to when we first started, reminisce on how far we’ve come and focus on what the future holds. Whether you’re a long-time member or have recently joined the Qudos Bank community, read through the below for 10 fun facts from our history. If you’re interested in learning more, head to our website for a full 60 year debrief, because a lot has happened in 60 years.

  1. We started off as Qantas Staff Cooperative Credit Union Limited in 1959 when 14 Qantas employees came together in the Qantas theatre.
  2. Our first member Sylvia Edgar, is still a proud member today.
  3. The first employee, Alec Kennedy, was seconded from Qantas two days per week to act as Manager.
  4. It used to take two days for a withdrawal and one month for a loan to come through (which was considered a great accomplishment after purchasing our very own accounting machine).
  5. In 1967, we launched our first ever marketing campaign to family members.
  6. Members used to have to call in to let us know they were coming in to make a withdrawal so we could have it ready upon their arrival – much different to our ease of banking now with Online and Mobile Banking!
  7. In 1985 we commenced the use of CUTIE (Credit Union Telephone Information Exchange), the first telephone banking service in Australia (members were able to obtain balances, order cheques and pay bills over the phone).
  8. In 1994, we launched our first proper debit card, known as the CueCard.
  9. In October 2015, you, our members voted on a new name for our organisation to help provide new opportunities to continue facilitating growth and strength.
  10. Qudos is a twist on ‘kudos’, meaning praise, reward and recognition, which we felt and still feel is a great reflection of our mutual culture. We spelt it with a ‘Q’ to retain a piece of our history.

Discover more about our history on our online history timeline.