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Home Mortgage Calculator

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Save thousands with our mortgage calculator!

When looking for a mortgage, you are given lots of facts and figures that are hard to relate to your financial situation.  That’s where our mortgage calculators can put real figures into your hands – so you can see how much you can borrow, your repayments and the length of the loan.

At Qudos Bank we have a range of mortgage loan calculators - home loan repayments, home loan comparison, split loan, extra repayments, lump sum repayment, borrowing power and a stamp duty calculator. These are all great tools to help you choose the right home loan for you, to match your finances and budget.

Our interactive home mortgage calculators are quick and easy to use!  Simply enter the required information into the marked fields and our calculators will provide the answer.  You can try different scenarios in repayment amounts, interest rates and loan terms- all factors that have a big impact on your mortgage and your finances!

It doesn’t matter if you are a first home buyer, looking to refinance your existing loan or an investor; our mortgage calculators are a great way to see the effects of a small difference in interest rate, an increase in repayments and lengthening or shortening the term of the loan.  Every extra repayment, or point of a percent in interest rate, no matter how small, has a dramatic effect on your loan – it can save you thousands of dollars and get your mortgage paid off sooner!

Try our mortgage calculators now.

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