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5 maintenance tips for landlords

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When leasing a property in Australia, the responsibility is on owners to make sure the property meets the standards of their State's Tenancies Act and properties should be fit for habitation and in a state of reasonable repair1.

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How to find dream tenants for your investment property

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Over the past two decades, purchasing investment properties have made a great deal of money for some Australians by providing their owners with a constant stream of steady income. If you currently own an investment property, or are in the market for one, be aware that there are a number of different factors that can impact your return on investment. Of those considerations, having good tenants is of upmost importance. 

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What to buy before you hit your 30s

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After the hedonistic days of your twenties, turning 30 can seem like a wake-up call. You soon start to realise that it’s time to get your finances under control and make plans for a more secure financial future. With this in mind, here are those key purchases you should aim to make as you enter your thirties.

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