On Wednesday 29 September 2021, you may have noticed something a little different…

We launched our new public website www.qudosbank.com.au where we’ve made several enhancements to improve your experience.

Easier navigation and enhanced functionality

With new functionality and an enhanced design, you can enjoy a more user-friendly experience when browsing product information or looking for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


One of our key priorities during the design process included making improvements to help people with impairments access information on our site. Our website now exceeds the industry average score for accessibility and will soon meet the mid-range level of conformance according to Australian standards.

Mobile-first design

Another key consideration during the development of the website was ensuring the design was mobile-first. An increasing portion of customers are accessing our website through a mobile device, so we’ve tailored the experience to deliver the best outcome no matter how you visit the site.


Customers can now browse a dedicated FAQs area which has a selection of our most frequently asked questions across a range of topics including travelling overseas, transaction disputes, Online Banking and more.

Better search results

We’ve enhanced the search functionality to help you quickly find the information you’re seeking. Customers can now filter search results to show the most relevant information or skip to the suggested most common searches.

Supporting financial wellness

We’ve integrated related content suggestions based on the type of information you’re browsing. Learn more about banking, budgeting, and buying a home with our helpful tips and guides that aim to assist you in achieving your financial goals sooner.


On behalf of our team, we hope you enjoy the new website!