Now you can choose to pay using eftpos or Visa networks as a default on your Qudos Bank Visa debit card when using Apple Pay on compatible Apple devices.

Take advantage of Apple Pay with Qudos Bank

If you are downloading Apple Pay for the first time, during the card registration process you will be able to choose between eftpos SAV or Visa as the default payment preference for payments through Apple Pay.

To select your preferred payment network you will need to:

  • Open your Apple Wallet
  • Tap on your Qudos Bank debit card
  • Tap the 3 circle dots (...) at the top right of your screen
  • Select ‘eftpos SAV’ or VISA under the Payment Option

Only one payment network can be saved as the default, however you can switch between the 2 options at any time by editing the default network for a card in Apple Wallet.

Already using Apple Pay with Qudos Bank?

If you’re already registered and using Apple Pay you will need to delete your Qudos Bank Visa Debit card from Apple Pay and re-register it to get access to the new eftpos payment option. You may need to enter your card details manually if the scan option fails.You will then be able to select from both eftpos and VISA in the same method mentioned above

Published Wednesday, 4 August 2021