We have made a few changes to our Terms and Conditions for Savings Accounts and Payments Services.

These changes relate to services previously provided by Westpac.

In October we provided notice regarding changes to banking services provided by Westpac. Westpac are ending their agency banking services arrangement that they previously provided to smaller financial institutions such as Qudos Bank as of the 26th February 2021.

Over the counter services provided by Westpac will cease, and cash and cheque deposits from our customers will no longer be accepted.

We have directly notified customers who were regularly using Westpac services and provided them with barcoded deposit books to be used at Australia Post.

The easiest and fastest way to move your money is via electronic transfer within Online Banking or the Mobile App and to use ATMs for cash withdrawals.

For customers wanting to deposit cash or cheques these are your options:

Qudos Bank Branches

Our branches accept cash (excluding coin) and cheque deposits, except for the Ascot Branch in Brisbane which accepts cheque deposits only.

Bank@Post at Australia Post

You can visit over 3,500 participating Post Offices across Australia to make cheque or cash deposits or withdraw cash. Please make sure you have your Qudos Bank Visa Debit Card or new barcoded deposit book on hand.

Bank@Post requirements & limits

For more ways to bank visit qudosbank.com.au/Support/WaysToBank

  • Deposits must be made with a barcoded deposit slip or with a Qudos Bank VISA debit card
  • Maximum Cash deposit accepted is $9,999.95
  • Maximum coin deposit accepted is $20.00 (this must be bagged, no loose coin accepted)
  • Maximum cheque deposit of 99 cheques, total value of $999,999.99
  • Maximum cash & cheque deposits accepted is 99 cheques & total value of $999,999.99 of which maximum cash value of $9,999.95
  • Funds will be credited to your account the next business day

You can view a copy of updated the Terms and Conditions for Savings Accounts and Payment Services here.

Published Wednesday, 7 April 2021