Earlier this year, contactless card payment limits were temporarily increased from $100 to $200 with participating merchants.

The Australian Payments Network originally implemented this change to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission via point of sale devices over a three-month period.

The Australian Payments Network has recently provided an update extending the temporary limit period until 17th March 2021.

Customers can continue to tap and pay using payWave for purchases under $200 with participating merchants only.

Customers can also use mobile payments as another highly secure alternative. In many instances, mobile transactions do not require a PIN due to the added authentication security on your device.

Please note, some point of sale devices will continue to request a PIN for transactions above $100, while we’re doing what we can to help customers pay safely, we cannot guarantee every card transaction below $200 and every payment using Apple Pay and Google Pay will be contact-free.

Published Thursday, 17 December 2020