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Wealth Management

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Wealth management services offered by Qudos Bank give you the steps to achieve your financial goals for the future. With strategic wealth planning you can grow and protect your wealth over a short, medium or long term.

Wealth management services can be used throughout your financial life, no matter what age you are:

  • Your 20’s - This is when you are entering the workforce and wanting to set up some sound financial habits. You may want to boost your savings with bonus interest or save a deposit for a new house.
  • Your 30’s - This is when you are settling down and planning for a secure future. The family is growing and the family home has become a high priority.
  • Your 40’s - This is when you are supporting your family and paying off debt such as the home loan. You may want to gear up using your home equity.
  • Your 50’s - You may be thinking about saving for your retirement – you may want to step up your super savings or gear up your investments.
  • Your 60’s - You may be planning the specifics of your retirement. You may want to downsize your family home, access your retirement funds, work part time or do some estate planning.

Sometimes finances can be a little daunting, but with the help of Qudos Bank wealth management products we can guide you through step by step, age by age! And remember, your first wealth management advice meeting is free with our financial planner!

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