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General FAQs

  What is the BSB number for Qudos Bank?

Our BSB is 704 865 (for domestic transfers only).

This BSB applies to all Qudos Bank products.

If you are transferring funds from overseas, please contact us and we'll provide you with the BSB and SWIFT code for international transfers.

  What is a direct debit?

Direct Debits allow you to authorise a merchant or business to automatically debit your transaction account or Visa Card.

If you notice that the merchant or business has debited your account for an incorrect amount or frequency, you should contact them directly to resolve this.

A Direct Debit on an account is when you have authorised a merchant or business to debit your loan or savings account by quoting a BSB and an account number. The payment may be a one off payment or a scheduled re-occurring payment which has been set up by the third party (i.e. gym membership, utility company).

A Direct Debit on a Visa Debit/Credit Card is when you have authorised a merchant or business to debit your account by quoting your Visa card number. The payment may be a one off payment or a scheduled re-occurring payment which has been set up by the third party (i.e. gym membership, utility company).

If you would like to block a direct debit, please refer to the following FAQ.

  How do I block a direct debit?

Direct Debit on an account

If you would like to block a direct debit which is set up on your transaction or savings account, you must contact us at least two business days before the next transaction is scheduled and we can block the debit. You should also advise the merchant/business in writing to understand whether there are any fees or charges associated from their end.

To advise us of your request, you can phone us on 1300 747 747, send a secure mail through Online Banking or complete the Direct Debit Cancellation Request form. The direct debit block will be applied immediately upon your request.

If you change your mind at a later stage, please call us and we can remove the block. Qudos Bank does not charge a fee for blocking a direct debit.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we can guide you through the process.

Direct Debit on a Visa Credit or Visa Debit card

To block a direct debit which is set up on your Visa Credit or Visa Debit card, please complete the Visa Card Cancellation Request form and forward to the merchant/business before the next transaction is scheduled. Please note, some businesses may require a longer notice period and you should check this directly with them.

If the debit continues, we can contact the merchant/business on your behalf, provided we have a copy of the original request form which was sent to them. Additionally, we can cancel the card immediately and issue you with a new one.

Please note, before requesting to cancel a direct debit, please check with the merchant/business to confirm the that you're abiding by the agreement which was entered into.

  Can I add a temporary block on a direct debit?

Yes, we can temporarily suspend the direct debit, provided that you contact us at least two business days before the next payment is scheduled.

We also suggest that you contact the business or merchant directly to advise them of the suspension.

  Can I modify the date and amount of a direct debit?

To modify the scheduled date or repayment of your direct debit, you will need to contact the merchant or business directly.

If you have set up an periodic payment (auto transfer) please refer to the following FAQ.

  What is a periodical payment (auto transfer)?

A periodical payment is an electronic transfer of funds to another account. The transfer can be set up as a one off or a recurring payment (weekly, fortnightly or quarterly) and can be to an internal or external bank account. They can also be set up via Bpay.

Periodical payments can be modified, suspended or cancelled at any time by accessing Online Banking or by contacting us on 1300 747 747.

By setting up a periodical payment, you have more control over the transfer as the authority is held with Qudos Bank instead of the merchant or business.

You can:

  • Change the date;
  • Change the frequency;
  • Change the amount; or
  • Suspend the payment temporarily or permanently.
If you are unable to modify a request or you require further assistance, please contact us on 1300 747 747.
  I’ve forgotten my PIN. How can I change it?

You can change your PIN by logging into Online Banking and selecting the Card Management section under the Services menu. Choose your card and select the option to change your PIN.

If you’re not registered for Online Banking, please call us on 1300 747 747 and we will have a new PIN mailed out to you.

  What is the daily payWave limit?

The daily limit for payWave transactions is $200 or 5 payWave transactions. This a security feature protecting your money and accounts. If you exceed the daily payWave transaction limit, you can still pay with your card, however you will need to insert or swipe your card and enter the PIN.

  How can I make a cash or cheque deposit?

Cash and cheque deposits can be made at any Qudos Bank branch, Westpac branch or participating Australia Post offices. Please note, coin deposits can only be made at Westpac branches.

To deposit money at a Westpac branch, you need a pre-encoded deposit book which can be provided at no cost by calling us on 1300 747 747.

To make a deposit at Australia Post, you need the card which you wish to make the deposit into and your PIN. Please note that Australia Post may have a limit for accepting cash deposits.

  How long does it take for a replacement card to be sent?

If your card has been lost or stolen, please ensure you contact us immediately. We will re-issue a new card which will take between 7-10 days to be posted out to you.

It's important that we have the correct postal address for you - If you are away from home, you must contact us to make alternative arrangements to ensure your card remains secure.

  What should I do if I find an unauthorised transaction on my account?

If you find an unauthorised transaction on your account, please call us immediately on 1300 747 747 and we will investigate any loss in accordance with the ePayments Code. We will provide you with the outcome in writing within 21 days.

  Do I need to inform you that I am travelling overseas?

For security reasons, it’s a good idea to let us know when you go overseas.

You can send us a secure mail via Online Banking or call us on 1300 747 747 to advise us of your travel itinerary and your best contact details while you're away.

  What International ATMs can I use?

Your Qudos Bank Visa card will work in any overseas ATM as long as it supports Visa. Please ensure that when you are withdrawing cash from an international ATM, you select the credit option.

Your Qudos Bank Cue Card will also work overseas as long as you choose an ATM that supports Cirrus Maestro and or Mastercard. To withdraw cash with your Cue Card, you will need to select the savings option.

  What fees will I be charged when using an International ATM?

Overseas ATM charges are charged by the owner of the ATM, so unfortunately we cannot say how much these will be. Before you continue with the withdrawal, the ATM should ask you to confirm this fee.


Online Banking FAQs

  How do I register for Online Banking?

Call us on 1300 747 747 and our service team can help set up your Online banking details. Alternatively, you can pop into one of our branches.

Once you've registered, you can find Online Banking in the top right hand side of our website.

  How do I get a password for Online Banking?

You can obtain an Online Banking password by visiting your nearest branch or calling our Member Call Centre on 1300 747 747.

Your first Online Banking password will be a random password. When you access Online Banking for the first time you will be asked to change this password.

  What do I do if I forget my Online Banking password?

If you forget your Online Banking password, you can have it reset by calling us on 1300 747 747 or visiting your nearest branch.

  How long will it take for my transfer to reach an account at a different financial institution?

Transfers to accounts at other financial institutions will usually take 24 – 48 hours to arrive in the destination account. Please note that funds transferred on a weekend or public holiday may take longer as they will leave your Qudos Bank account during end of day processing on the next business day.

End of day processing occurs each weekday at 4pm.

  How do I activate my new card?
  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Once you are logged in, click on 'Services' and then 'Activate Card' in the drop down.
  • You will need to ensure you have QSafe SMS activated and request your code.
  • Select the cards to be activated and follow the prompts.

If you don’t have access to Online Banking, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 747 747.


Mobile Banking FAQs

  Where can I download the QActive app from?

Our QActive App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can search under QActive or Qudos Bank to the find the app in the relevant store.

  Can I download the QActive app onto more than one device?

You can install and register the QActive App on multiple iOS and Android devices.

If you have multiple Memberships with us only one can be registered to use the app per device.

  How do I register for the QActive App?

To register for the QActive App you must have your Member Number and Online Banking password handy.

Once you download the app you’ll be prompted to register using these details. You’ll then be asked to select a dedicated PIN to log into and secure QActive on your device.

  Do I need to have Online Banking to use the Mobile Banking app?

Yes, you need to be registered for Online Banking to use the QActive App. Please call us on 1300 747 747 to register for Online Banking.

  I have a new phone. Do I need to register again?

Yes. Each time you download QActive onto a new device you’ll need to register again as QActive stores a ‘device ID’ against the app for your security.

  I’ve forgotten my app PIN. Can I re-set it?

Click the "Forgot PIN?" link on the PIN screen and follow the prompts. You'll need your Member Number and Online Banking password handy.

  How do I change my PIN?

To change your app PIN go to “My Profile” via the menu then select “Change Login PIN”

  Can I use my Online Banking password instead of a PIN?

No. Your Online Banking password is only used upon initial registration. Creating a dedicated mobile PIN is an additional form of security.

  What can I do on the QActive app?

With the QActive App, you can:

  • Make BPAY payments to your saved favourites
  • Pay into existing Australian accounts
  • Transfer money between your Qudos Bank accounts
  • Check your account balance and recent transaction history
  • Find your nearest branch or ATM
  • Set-up SMS alerts on transfers, credits received and account balance
  • Set-up email receipts for transfers and payments
  • Quick balance feature – set your favourite account in Online Banking and view in the app without logging in
  • All payments and transfers made via the App can only be made to your existing saved favourites.
  How do I set my quick balance?

You can set your preference account under the ‘Settings’ tab within Online Banking. The app will then show this account as your quick balance preference.

  Can I delete the quick balance function?

This feature does not have the option to be turned off.

You can select your account for your quick balance within online banking. If you have any concerns we suggest you select an account or create a new account with a nil balance.

  Can I pay a new payee from the App?

For security reasons, you are unable to pay a new payee from the app.

If you wish to pay a new payee or billers, please sign into Online Banking where either QSafe SMS or QSafe Token verification will apply.

  How do I search for a particular transaction?

The QActive App will display your transaction list from the past 5 days. To search for a prior transaction, click on the search icon and enter your search details.

  How can I see what the next payment on my loan/credit card is?

Simply tap the account you’d like to see and hit the “Details” tab

  How do I make transfers and bill payments via the app?

You can transfer money or pay bills to your saved favourites use the "Transfer" and "Pay a Bill" tabs in the bottom navigation, or go to “My Payees & Billers” via the menu.

  What are the payment limits for the QActive App?

Your existing Online Banking daily payment limits apply. To change your limits access Online Banking.

  Can I access secure mail from the QActive App?

Secure mail is not available in the app. This feature is only available via Online Banking. If you have a general enquiry you can get in touch with us quickly and easily via the app by going to the “Help & Support” section via the menu.

  Do I need to logout of the app?

Yes, we recommend for your security that you logout of the app once you’ve completed your banking activities. If your session remains inactive you’ll be automatically timed out.

  Download our Mobile Banking App guide.

Mobile Banking App Guide


Live Chat FAQs

  When is Live Chat available?
Live Chat is available Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 6.00pm (AEST).
  How does it work?

When you are on one of Qudos Bank’s home loan website pages an invitation to connect to Qudos Bank Live Chat will appear. To begin a chat session, click "Chat Now" and you will be asked for some basic details along with agreeing to Qudos Bank’s Live Chat Conditions of Use and Privacy. Once you click "Chat Now" you will move into a secure chat session with an agent who can help with your home loan enquiry.

  What enquiries can I make through Live Chat?

Live chat is a service connecting you with our experienced lending specialists. Our dedicated team can help you with Home Loan product and application enquiries, general information around borrowing power, repayment options and calculator tools. They can also assist you to book an appointment with a lending specialist at a time convenient for you via telephone, skype or in one of our branches.

To protect your privacy, our Live Chat specialists can't see or conduct any maintenance on your accounts. If you require personalised assistance, we may refer you to our contact centre or secure email.

  Is it available within Online Banking?

At this stage Live Chat is not available within Online Banking, however it is on the roadmap for our new Online Banking platform coming in 2018.

  How secure is Live Chat?

Webchat uses TLS 1.2 256-bit to ensure a secure connection. Remember we won’t ask you for your account number or passwords — and we recommend that you are always careful about disclosing these details.

If you accept the chat, we may ask for your name, phone number and email address to assist with your enquiry, however providing this information is optional. What happens to any information I give you during a chat session?

  What happens to any information I give you during a chat session?

We store your chat transcripts securely for 7 years. Rest assured, we’ll never use the information you tell us in a chat session for marketing purposes.

  Can I get a copy of my chat transcript?

Yes. There is an ‘email chat’ option available after your chat has ended. To get a copy of the chat, please click this button. Please note that Qudos Bank employees are unable to send you a copy of the chat.


Online Security FAQs

  What has Qudos Bank done to safeguard my personal information online?
We have employed a range of security measures to help protect your personal information and transactions. These measures extend from data encryption to firewalls to automatic time-outs. Therefore, when you do your banking online with us, you can be assured that your banking is safeguarded and protected.

Learn more about our online security practices.

  What can I do to minimise the risk of online fraud?
  • Scams continue to evolve, so it's important to be resourceful and familiarise yourself with the types of online fraud you may encounter.
  • Check that you are using secure web address. In a secure site you will see "https:/". The letter "s" signifies that you are accessing a secured address.
  • Adopt responsible practices in relation to the protection of your own personal information
  What should I do if I get a suspicious email?

A suspicious email may contain any of the following:

  • A request for your Online Banking login details or card details
  • A link to a webpage or Online Banking login page
  • A request for your passwords.If you receive an email with any of the above, you can be confident that the email is NOT from us. We ask that you delete it immediately and that you do not click on any of the links
If you have clicked on the link in the email, please be sure to contact us immediately on 1300 747 747. Additionally, you should perform a scan for possible viruses and Trojans using up-to-date virus protection software. Should you require further information, please contact your software vendor or a certified IT specialist.

If you do not have anti-virus protection, we recommend that you do not use Online Banking until you have installed the current anti-virus protection.

If you would like to verify the authenticity of any email purporting to be from the us, please contact us on 1300 747 747.

  What should I do if I think someone has obtained access to my Member number or password?

Your Member number and password identify you to Online Banking and you must protect them at all times. Refer to our tips on protecting your password.

If you think that someone has accessed your member number and/or password you should:

  •  Login to Online Banking and immediately change your password
  •  Contact us to advise us of what has occurred..


Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us on 1300 747 747.