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Did you know that we have been offsetting staff fleet and flights’ emissions with Greenfleet since 2007?

 ...and since then Greenfleet has planted over 26,500 native trees in Australia on our behalf?

Greenfleet is an environmental charity and Australia’s most respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets. By partnering with Greenfleet to offset our emissions we are helping to restore permanent forests around the country.

One of the forests we’ve helped plant is called ‘McHugh’ near Wedderburn in Victoria. In 2008, Greenfleet partnered with the landholders to revegetate 47 ha of the property with native trees to create shelter belts for livestock and to establish wildlife corridors between large areas of remnant bushland.

As a result of our long-term support of Greenfleet, we were awarded the Greenfleet Huon Award in 2013, named after the Huon Pine, one of the oldest living organisms on Earth.

We recognise the importance of playing an active role in helping our environment.

We are proud to take practical action by partnering with Greenfleet.

Published March 2016