Thank you for banking with Australia’s Customer-Owned Bank of the Year.

You may have heard that we were recently recognised by industry experts Mozo and Canstar as Australia’s Customer-Owned Bank of the Year 2023. These major awards recognise our commitment to our customers in providing valuable products and services.

On behalf of Qudos Bank, I’d like to personally thank you for your ongoing support and feedback, which allows us to continue to deliver to you an enhanced banking experience.

You can read more about our awards on our website.

Canstar 2023 Customer-Owned Bank of The Year Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2023

Exciting transformation and initiatives ahead

I mentioned in our last MyQ edition that we’ve embarked on a transformation to redefine our future strategy and brand identity to allow us to continue delivering increased value to our members.

We’ve delivered several initiatives over the past few months focused on enhancing our products, service, risk and operations to ensure we meet the evolving needs of our business and members, as well as laying foundations for a sustainable future.

1. Simpler home loan application process

We successfully launched our new branch portal, which is cutting-edge technology that will enable our mortgage customers to apply to our home lending products by using our best in-class tools, resulting in faster response times and the reduction of application processing time.

2. Launch of PayTo

Earlier this month, we rolled out PayTo agreements, a new way to pay and an alternative to direct debit payments. You can learn more about this recent initiative in our technology update.

3. Protecting your assets

We’re looking to progress behavioural biometric solutions to help combat fraud and scams. We’ve also expanded our Fraud team to extend our customer support. You can read more in our Fraud and Scams update on what we do to protect you.

Commitment to a sustainable future

We’ve partnered with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) to support one of their Human-Induced Regeneration projects in Southwest Queensland, by purchasing carbon offsets to help promote their ongoing work to storing carbon and restoring ecosystems. You can read more about TEM’s climate change projects via their website.

We’re proud to promote environmental responsibility and strengthen our commitment to sustainability. By partnering , we reinforce our dedication in making a lasting and positive impact on the planet. We hope that backing environmental initiatives like this can create a more sustainable world for generations to come, as well as ensure that we protect our environment and help wildlife thrive.

Being a customer of Qudos Bank, means you are already helping us contribute to a sustainable future.

A final note

It’s been a successful FY23 and we will talk more about our financial performance and achievements in our upcoming annual report, which will be released at the end of October.  Our financial position remains strong, which puts us in a good position as our industry deals with a challenging economic .

I’m also excited to mention that we plan on sharing our new purpose and identity with you in this new financial year. This will be a transformative journey for our people, and we will endeavour to give you the best outcomes possible on your financial journey.

Our dedication to our customers remains paramount. We will continue to listen, learn, and adapt to the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring that our products and services continue to meet our members expectations.

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