Looking after your wellbeing can be a challenge, especially if you maintain a busy lifestyle. It can often be a balancing act between work and personal commitments, and for what it’s worth, you may feel like you’re not able to carve out time for yourself.

We asked some of our employees to share some of their hobbies and how this helps them with their overall wellbeing. Hopefully their tips encourage you to check in with your wellbeing and make time for the hobbies that allow you to have a more positive mindset.

1. What are some ways you look after your wellbeing?

Carter (Projects and Technology): How I look after my wellbeing is remaining active through physical exercise. Being over 40, I do strength training to ward off osteoporosis, and regular check-ups at the doctor. I also enjoy going on hike trails with my wife.

Jeanie (Projects and Technology): One of my new year’s resolutions for 2023 was to better look after my wellbeing. I have taken on a lot of hobbies and activities that I had given up during lockdowns including going back to the gym and attending more social events.

As well as this, I have regular catchups with my support network, both online and offline, which I think helps.

Katrina (Marketing): I look after my wellbeing by striving to strike a happy balance between work, spending time with friends and family, exercising, and relaxing. I also like to spend plenty of time outdoors!


2. Do you have any hobbies that you do on a regular basis that improve your wellbeing? Explain how they help you.

Carter: I really enjoy hiking. It keeps me physically active and it’s an opportunity for me and my wife to spend quality time together – it also helps us unwind properly. 

Jeanie: One hobby that I do relatively regularly is knitting. I feel as though knitting is a therapeutic hobby that helps clear the mind.  It also allows you to be creative when designing what to create as well as problem solve when you need to alter patterns.

Having a final product at the end also makes me proud, and it’s something that I would recommend for destressing.

Katrina: I keep myself pretty busy with a whole range of hobbies including surfing, trail running, swimming, skiing, and playing soccer.

All these activities give me the opportunity to continuously challenge myself to improve and get out of my comfort zone, which I find really rewarding. Plus, I get to spend quality time out in the fresh air, exploring some beautiful locations in and around Sydney with like-minded friends.


3. If you could provide advice to someone needing tips to improve their wellbeing, what would you recommend in helping them get started?

Carter: It’s okay to give different things a go. Find something that works for you.

Jeanie: I think the main thing is to find out your individual indicators that signal you need to focus on your wellbeing so you can improve it before it gets too serious.

Then, trying out different things to find what works to improve your wellbeing in a healthy and sustainable way.

Katrina: One of the best things for my wellbeing and happiness has been pushing myself to try new things!

Not only is it a great way to challenge yourself and build new skills, but it gives you the chance to discover new hobbies that you might just fall in love with. Plus, trying new things is a fantastic way to meet new people – some of my best friends I have met only recently through some of my latest hobbies.

We would like to thank Carter, Jeanie, and Katrina for taking the time to share their wellbeing tips. We hope that you find their tips and advice helpful and that you feel inspired in taking the time to look after your wellbeing with fulfilling hobbies, too.

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