Set up travel notifications and the latest Mobile App updates

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve started to introduce some helpful features that can help you bank easier while on the go.

We care about creating easy and accessible banking experiences which is why we’re highly focused on delivering digital banking services that are efficient and seamless.

Qudos Bank Mobile App Update

There’s been a number of feature enhancements you can take advantage of to help simplify your banking experience.

Share Transaction Details

In our last app release, we implemented a feature enhancement that allows you to share previous and new transaction details within the mobile app when you’ve made a transfer to a new payee and they need confirmation that you’ve sent it to the right account. . All you need to do is click on the share icon within the transaction and choose which messaging platform to share the details through, such as email or SMS.

Know you’re paying the right person with PayID

Transferring funds using PayID is a simple and effective way to make banking easier and more secure. PayID is a unique identifier where you can use either use your phone number or email address to link to your bank account. By making transfers with PayID, you can check that the money is going to the right person or business before you hit send.

We encourage you to set up and register your PayID through our mobile app to help you get started on simplifying your bank payments in a safe and secure way.

Upcoming feature: Smart Dashboard Payday Countdown

Our Payday Countdown function provides a reminder on when your pay will become available. Whether you get paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, you’ll be able to track when your funds are due to help you organise and budget your expenses accordingly. You can look forward to this feature in one of our upcoming mobile app release.

Dave's Latest Tech Tip

Set up travel notifications before heading overseas
We understand that 2023 is the year where people are returning to travel and are more likely to take international trips. It’s important that you notify us before you travel to ensure you can use your account and cards overseas and avoid interruptions when making transactions.

To learn how to set up travel notifications in our mobile app, watch our how-to video below:

You can also send us a message through Secure Mail or call 1300 747 747 to advise us of your travel plans and the best contact details if we need to reach you while you’re away.


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