In September, Qudos Bank donated a generous $10,000 to our partners ReForest Now. ReForest Now is an Australian not-for-profit organisation partnering with organisations, businesses and individuals to restore critically endangered rainforest.

The donation will go towards their upcoming Banyula (“Place of many trees”) project where they will be embarking on what could be Australia’s largest and most diverse rainforest planting, adjacent to the Booyong Nature Reserve near Clunes, NSW.

This reserve represents less than 1% of the original extent of the Big Scrub rainforest, which used to cover most of the Northern Rivers region. It has been identified as a critically endangered ecosystem.

ReForest Now have partnered up with landholder, Saratini Farms, and have come up with a 5-year plan to:

  • Plant 300,000 rainforest trees by mid-2023
  • Utilise upwards of 160 species, aiming to incorporate all 200 endemic red soil natives (ultra-high diversity)
  • Maintain 300,000 rainforest trees until they are self-sufficient at fighting weed competition

In addition, they are restoring areas of the property. The Regeneration team at ReForest Now will use bush regeneration techniques for the removal of invasive weeds and suffocating vines. This will allow the native composition of plants to return and restore normal forest functionality.

We’re excited that our contribution will be going towards the project and look forward to the positive outcomes ReForest Now will create as a result of their efforts in helping regenerate the Booyong Nature Reserve.

To learn more about the project, please watch the video below.

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