How does 3D secure work?

  1. You proceed to make an online purchase
  2. The merchant initiates 3D secure authentication
  3. 3D Secure runs an ID check
  4. Further validation may be requested or your transaction will proceed
  5. Where further validation is required, you might receive a One Time Password to your Qudos Bank registered mobile number.
  6. Your transaction should then be approved or declined based on the entry of the password.

Related FAQs

3D Secure is a free service currently facilitated by VISA, MasterCard and Eftpos that lets customers transact online securely using their Debit or Credit Card.

3D Secure deters unauthorised card use and may help to reduce fraud.

It provides added assurance by verifying you while making online payments or purchases by issuing a One Time Password (OTP).

Not all merchants will use this service, it will only be initiated at the time of purchase if the merchant has enabled 3D Secure as part of their online service.



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