How do I send a message via Secure Mail?

You can send a Secure Mail message via the mobile app or via Online Banking:

Mobile App

  1. Log into the Qudos Bank mobile app
  2. Head to the ‘’contact us’’ tab within the menu
  3. Tap ‘’secure mail’’
  4. Tap the pencil icon to compose a new Secure Mail message
  5. Select which category your query relates to in the ‘’send to’’ dropdown.
  6. Compose your message and send.


Online Banking

  1. Log into online banking via
  2. Click on ‘’view mail’’ in the right hand column within the home page after you log in
  3. Request the Qsafe SMS code and use the code to validate
  4. Click ‘’compose’’ to create a new Secure Mail message and send.

You will also receive an email notification or push notification on your device when you receive a new message or reply from us. You can view and reply in the same way.

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