I've made a mistaken payment, what do I do?

If you know who received the mistakenly transferred funds, contact them directly and ask for the payment to be returned (this may generally be quicker).

If you’ve made a mistake using an incorrect BSB, Account Number or PayID, you must let us know immediately so we can investigate. Our mistaken internet payments investigation process is governed by the ePayments Code.

Generally, it goes like this:

  • If we’re satisfied a mistaken internet payment has occurred, we’ll send the receiving financial institution a request to recover the funds.
  • Within 5 business days the receiving financial institution will acknowledge our request and let us know if there are enough funds in the account of the unintended recipient to cover the mistaken internet payment.
  • Depending on when you reported the mistaken internet payment to us, and whether the funds are available or unavailable, will determine what happens next. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.
  • We’ll let you know the outcome of any reported mistaken internet payment in writing, within 30 days of the date you reported it to us.

More information on mistaken internet payments, including details on the process and time frames is found in our Terms and Conditions.

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