I want to dispute a transaction made on BPAY, what should I do?

You should contact us immediately on 1300 747 747 to investigate a mistaken or incorrect BPAY transaction, if you:

  • paid the wrong biller
  • used the incorrect account number, biller code or Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • sent a payment but the biller did not receive it
  • don’t recognise a BPAY payment
  • think you’ve been fraudulently induced into making a BPAY payment

If your BPAY dispute is about the wrong amount, before you contact us you should:

  • contact the Biller directly if you overpaid them and ask for the overpayment to be returned (this can often be quicker), or
  • make up the difference by making another BPAY payment, if you paid less than what you were supposed to pay.
    Once you’ve notified us, we may ask you to provide details of the BPAY transaction and/or a written consent addressed to the biller (allowing us to investigate the mistaken BPAY transaction).

We’ll normally let you know the outcome in writing within 21 days of you notifying us.

If you’re responsible for a mistaken BPAY payment and we can’t recover the amount from the person who received it within 20 business days, you will be liable for that payment.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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