How do I lodge a transaction dispute?

When you’ve noticed something incorrect on your account, you should first confirm a few details. The first things to look for:

  • the transaction date, to see if you’re able to relate the purchase to something you recently bought or services you paid for. Note, the date the transaction is charged to your account (the posting date) may differ from the date you used your card,
  • whether your additional card holder made the purchase (if you have one),
  • if the merchant name that appears on your statement trades under a different name (sometimes the merchant’s trading name is different from its business name, company name or brand names. You can conduct an online search to check if you are unsure,
  • the transaction against any purchase receipts – sometimes the amount is different because of exchange rates on an international transaction, or a surcharge applied by the merchant/store.

Once you’ve done this, have a chat to the individual or organisation the money went to. Often, contacting them is the fastest way to resolve a transaction dispute, because many have their own payment dispute processes (like Apple, Google and PayPal).

If the above suggestions don’t help resolve your query and you’d like to dispute the transaction, read up on the information about your specific transaction dispute (i.e. Visa card dispute) and send us a Secure Mail within Online Banking.

Alternatively, we’re always happy to chat if you call us on 1300 747 747.

Please note that there are different time frames that apply to different types of transaction disputes, so when in doubt, let us know immediately.

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