We’ve all been through a lot these last few years. From bushfires, to a global pandemic, and most recently the Queensland and New South Wales floods. As individuals, communities and a nation, we’ve all felt a little stressed and while stress is a normal response to high-pressure situations, it’s also not the best feeling. So we’ve shared our top 10 tips to managing stress:

  1. Slow down. When we rush from place to place, the entire time spent rushing is usually a stressful one. Instead,  set aside and plan extra time to get where you need to go and to complete tasks  – you’ll be amazed at how much stress you can eliminate!
  2. Get organized. I’m sure you already know this, but disorganization is a huge contributing factor to stress. Start by organizing your wardrobe, your desk and your car and find ways to make everyday tasks easier when you plan ahead.
  3. Breathing deeply is one of the quickest and easiest ways to relieve stress. Any time you feel stressed, use this method: Place your hand on your belly and feel it rise and fall as you take a deep breath in and out. Do this three times and you will instantly feel a lot calmer.
  4. Make lists. Lists take the stress out of remembering everything you need to do or say and can save you some time and hassle of having to retrace your steps and thoughts when you forget something. Try making a to-do list which you track and tick items off once complete (this will also help you feel accomplished) or even a bullet point list of things you need to cover before an important call.
  5. Practice being a good listener.. Research shows that when you listen, your blood pressure goes down and when you talk, it rises. Actively listening to what other people say is a mindfulness skill that brings you back into the present moment and away from stressful thoughts.
  6. Practice gratitude. When you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed write down or think about 3 things you’re grateful for. Research says that practicing gratitude has a profound impact on stress levels and helps bring you back into the present moment.
  7. Go to bed earlier. Going to bed earlier is a simple gift to give yourself. Don’t trade precious sleep time for another episode! Try aim for 8 hours sleep a night. Going to bed earlier, may give you extra time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead, to exercise (and release endorphins), meditate or work on a project without being interrupted or distracted.
  8. Forgive. When you hold a grudge, it’s like taking poison every day while hoping it’s another person who suffers its effects. Forgiving others (or even yourself) helps you let go of grudges and ultimately helps you more than it does the person you’re forgiving.
  9. Shift your focus forward. When we encounter a stressful situation, it often takes us by surprise. Sometimes we spend hours, days or even weeks fixated on the situation, often feeling sorry for ourselves at the same time. But as soon as we shift our focus to a solution instead of the problem, our stress starts to reduce.
  10. Remember your purpose and values. A lot of people feel stressed because they don’t take time to consider their purpose or values. Writing down your top 5 values, helps you construct a life (and a list of goals) that will be in harmony of those values.