How our customers use our international payments service

Whether you’re a business making an overseas purchase, or an individual sending money to family and friends in another country, we can help you get it there fast.

We empower our customers to send and receive over 140 currencies across 200 countries and territories via an efficient electronic transfer (telegraphic transfer) service.

To help unravel our international payments experience, we had a chat with one of our customers, Brad Girdwood, on how we helped his business use our electronic transfer service to purchase international stock quickly and easily.

Q: When and how did you first discover international transfers through Qudos Bank?

A: I found out about telegraphic transfers about 15 years ago, after having various problems with transferring funds via another bank. The ease with which I have been able to send and receive overseas funds has been welcoming compared to the hassles associated with the other bank’s procedures and inconvenience.

Q: What was the payment for? E.g. Holiday accommodation/leisure activities etc.

A: I have used Qudos Bank for purchases of stock for my business, plus payment for overseas travel so I usually make 1 or 2 international transfers every month for stock, plus transfers for overseas travel, etc. I also receive funds easily from overseas clients.

Q: Describe your experience sending money overseas via Qudos Bank?

A: Simple, clean processes and a safe way to arrange thanks to the secure internal email. And also, the follow up by Qudos staff when I send funds to a new supplier makes me feel safe and secure.

Q: Would you recommend this service to others?

A: Absolutely – I already have on many occasions!

Q: How would you compare the services from Qudos Bank to other sources you may have previously utilised for international payments?

A: As mentioned, I used another bank in the past and it was very difficult to transfer funds, especially to a new supplier. At times I had to personally go into a branch to fill out forms…. not very convenient! Also, the Qudos staff are fantastic and are always knowledgeable and give superb customer service.

And because Qudos Bank is a little smaller than some other banking institutions, a personal rapport with myself and Qudos staff often develops, as quite often I will speak to the same staff when arranging transfers or making general enquiries.

To find out more about Telegraphic Transfer visit our 'Sending Money Overseas' webpage.

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