In the last quarter, Belinda was awarded The Qudos Way employee award. Through her hard work and dedication, she is someone that isn’t afraid to share new ideas and come up with creative solutions when working in the technology team.

In this Q&A, we get to know Belinda in a more in-depth level as she shares more about her contributions in her role, and a story about her own experience as a customer.

Q: What is your role and how long have you been working at Qudos Bank?

A: I’m a Senior Business Analyst and have been employed with Qudos Bank for 28 Years. 

Q: Back in July, you were one of the winners for The Qudos Way Employee of the Quarter award. How do you feel about being recognised for your recent achievements?

A: I always strive to do my best and naturally love helping others and sharing my knowledge. However, being formally recognised not only by my employer but also my coworkers by nominating me, made me feel valued and appreciated. It was a great feeling and will keep me motivated to perform at my best.

Q: What makes you feel valued at work? Provide an example of how this has been demonstrated.

A: For me, feeling valued at work is being trusted, appreciated, supported, and acknowledged. I’m currently working on a Loan Origination Project, and I love that I’m encouraged to come up with ways of solving a problem and be allowed the freedom to approach new ideas and think up fresh solutions or designs and not be afraid of failures. I feel that I am constantly being supported and that makes me feel valued.    

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?

A: The most enjoyable part of my role is being able to help others and bring efficiencies to the business by making things easier. Whether that be by improving current processes to make them more efficient or streamlined, implementing new systems, or simply devising solutions to problems. I always get a great sense of satisfaction when I’m able to deliver something that makes banking simpler for both our employees and customers alike.  

Q: What does customer-first mean to you? Share us a story on how you’ve been treated well as a customer.

A: To me “Customer First” means putting the needs of the customer first, truly understanding what they want and then providing the best possible experience to achieve this. A recent example of this for me was when I was going shopping to buy a new dress for a special occasion. When walking into the shop, I was asked by the sales assistant if she could help me (something that seems to rarely happen these days).

The sales assistant then took the time to listen to what I was after, asked me a few simple questions about the venue, my style, length of the dress etc. She then went about the shop and chose four dresses for me to try. I was so happy with her selections and that she truly understood and listened to what I was after that I ended up buying all four.      

Q: Why do you enjoy working at Qudos Bank?

A: I enjoy working at Qudos Bank as I love the culture and the people. The people truly care. I love being part of an organisation that is small enough to allow variety and a sense of ownership, yet big enough to allow you to make a difference. Every day is different and brings something new, and I get to interact with various teams and groups of people. It means that I am always learning.   

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