Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having difficulties registering the new app please run through our troubleshooting tips below.

If you’ve received an error message suggesting that your data is invalid we recommend that you:

  1. Change your Online Banking password. If you haven't changed your Online Banking password in some time we'd recommend you login and change your Online Banking password before attempting to re-register the app.
  2. Make sure your mobile phone details in online banking are up to date (must be an Australian Mobile number). Please check the numbers you have registered against mobile, business and home, ensuring at least one field contains a mobile number. It is important that you enter your mobile number with 10 digits only e.g. 0412345678 i.e. please do NOT use any special characters or spaces otherwise you may experience problems registering the app.
  3. Update your mobile phone to the latest operating system. The minimum operating requirements for the new App are as follows:
  • iOS software version 10.3 and above
  • Android software version 5.0 and above

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