What services are changing

Cheque and Phone Banking services are ending soon

With more Australians choosing simpler and safer digital banking options we have seen significant declines in cheque and phone banking use. Additionally, the Government has also mandated the phasing out of cheques by 2030.

You’ll still be able to call our Contact Centre, but for some services you won’t have to. To fully commit to this digital future, we have decided to farewell Phone Banking and Cheques (including cheque books, bank cheques and brand cheque deposits).

Key dates

Phone Banking and Cheque services are no longer available from the below dates:

Phone Banking

30 August 2024  Phone Banking services will become unavailable at Qudos Bank


30 August 2024 Cheque and deposit books will no longer be available to order
30 August 2024 Cheque withdrawals (Bank Cheques) at Qudos Bank branches will no longer be available
11 November 2024 Cheque Banking services will become unavailable at Qudos Bank. From this date, any cheques that you may have written will be dishonoured and a dishonour fee will be incurred.
11 November 2024 Cheque deposits will no longer be available at Qudos Bank.

Other ways to pay

Here are some simple and safe easy ways to pay other than using Cheques or Phone Banking. We can help if you aren't sure what's best for you.

  For example You could try
Pay a bill

Using the Qudos Bank App or Online Banking to make a BPAY® payment or ‘pay someone’ using BSB/Account number, direct debit or PayID.

Visit a branch or Australia Post with Bank@Post services and use a debit card or deposit book.

Send money to someone

Using the Qudos Bank App, Online Banking or visit a branch to ‘pay someone’ using BSB/Account number, direct debit or PayID.

Or visit a branch.

Deposit into your account

Supply your BSB/Account Number to receive funds electronically.

Visit a branch.

Visit Australia Post with Bank@Post services and use a debit card or deposit book.

Make a super contribution You can ‘pay someone’ using BSB/Account number or BPay©. Confirm with your Super Fund how contributions can be received.
Pay a loan

Using the Qudos Bank App or Online Banking ‘pay someone’ using BSB/Account Number, direct debit or PayID.

Contact your service provider to set up a direct debit.

Visit a branch or Australia Post with Bank@Post services and use a direct card or deposit book.

Check your balance

Using the Qudos Bank App or Online Banking login and you can see your account balances in real time, simply click ‘quick balance’.

Visit a branch, phone a branch or our Contact Centre.

Transfer between your Qudos Bank accounts

Using the Qudos Bank App or Online Banking you can make transfers between your Qudos Bank accounts, select ‘pay’ and then ‘transfer’.

Or visit a branch.


Log into Online Banking

 You should already be set up with online banking.

Log In

You will need your membership number and password.

Reset your password

Click forgotten password to reset your password.


Other ways to setup Online Banking


Frequently Asked Questions

With improvements in payment services across the banking industry, we’re increasingly seeing customers choose digital options. The Australian Government announcing that cheque services won't be available beyond 2030, we are getting ahead of the change. We’re phasing out cheques at Qudos Bank starting 30th August 2024, for existing and new accounts. We understand this will come as a change for some and we’re here to do our best to help you bank in ways that suit you.

Cheque books: using your current cheque or requesting a new one
Bank cheques: requesting a bank cheque
Branch cheque deposits: depositing a cheque at Qudos Bank.

From the 30th of August 2024 Qudos Bank will no longer issue cheque books to members and outstanding cheques that have been written are required to be presented before 4th November 2024.

Up until 4th November 2024, a third party may deposit the cheque into their own bank, subject to their bank accepting cheques. After this date, if a third party tries to present a member cheque, the cheque will be dishonoured through the banks presentation process. A dishonour fee will be charged. If the third party presents at an Australia Post counter it will be stopped prior to depositing and the person will be advised to speak to the drawer of the cheque (our member). If by chance, Australia post accept this incorrectly, an APO dishonour fee will apply.

Members will no longer be able to purchase corporate (over the counter) cheques from Qudos Bank from 30 August 2024. If a corporate cheque is issued prior to 30 August, they should be encouraged to have their third party payee bank the cheque as soon as possible.

From 30th August 2024, new and replacement cheque books will no longer be available to order.

The customer will need to arrange a bank transfer either through Internet Banking or app. If it exceeds internet banking limits, members can transfer funds via a telegraphic transfer.

You will be able to deposit cheques into your Qudos Bank account via a branch up until 11th November 2024 thereafter members can deposit cheques via Bank@Post.

No, you will still be able to order deposit books via the existing process. 

For security reasons, we ask that customers safely destroy their cheque book or return to a branch for destruction.

Unfortunately, any unused pages will not be able to be reimbursed. 

Yes, this process will not change.

Visiting Australia Post with Bank@Post services where you can deposit cheques. 

Unfortunately, any cheque presented after 11 November 2024 will not be accepted. 

Foreign cheques will be accepted to be processed by Qudos Bank. This remains unchanged. As per website mail through to head office or visit our branch.

Signatories would be required to be set up Internet Banking to access and complete online.
Transfers via the multi-to-sign functionality.

Now, with the Australian Government announcing that cheque services won’t be available beyond 2030, we’re getting ahead of this change to make sure you have the information and services you need to do your banking without cheques.

  • Using the app or internet banking to ‘pay someone’ using BSB/Account number
  • Visa Debit/Credit Cards
  • Scheduled payments
  • Direct debits
  • Bpay
  • PayID
  • Digital wallets

Customers will need to contact the sender to arrange a transfer of funds, or they can deposit cheques via Bank@Post.

Call the contact center, visit one of our branches or call us to book an appointment. We also have how to videos on our Digital Banking webpage.

The minimum operating requirements for the App are as follows:

    • IOS software version 13.0 and above
    • Android software version 6.0 and above

If there are any urgent payments required for car pick-up, the Telegraphics Transfer Team can
process ASAP: the branch staff will call to advise the request has been sent. The branch staff will
need to confirm that the request is specifically for when a member is on the way to pick up the
car and not for all car payments.

The payments will be processed via the quickest method available, which is reliant on the BSB. If available, we will always process the payment as Immediate RTGS:

  • Immediate RTGS: (the funds “should” be there within an hour; however, we are reliant on Westpac and the beneficiary bank completing the payment).
  • Overnight: (the funds “should” arrive during that day which means the car yard may not see the funds in their account until the next day).
  • Westpac: (only when the car yard holds an account with Westpac, this “should” be in the account within an hour).

Additional options:
• Transfer the funds to external parties using your daily external transfer limits through Online
• Banking or the Mobile App.
• Request for telegraphic transfer for higher amount.
• Send a secure mail via internet banking or call us on 1300747747 to discuss the options or you can visit your nearest branch

As customers continue to take up our digital services via digital channels, there is a decline with limited usage of phone banking for the Bank to support. Our self-service phone banking will cease on 30 August 2024. We’ll be helping customers through this transition and provide alternative ways to bank.

No, at this stage we don’t have an alternative. Australia Post continues to offer this
service in store and over the phone.

Call our friendly customer service team 6 days a week on 1300 747 747.
Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm (AEST)
Sat: 9am - 5pm (AEST)
International calls: +61 2 9582 3200 (or from a landline within Australia)
Alternatively, you can pop into one of our branches.

We have employed a wide range of security measures to help protect your personal information
and transactions. These measures extend from data encryption to firewalls to automatic time
outs. Therefore, when you do your banking online or via mobile devices with us, you can be
assured that we are working to keep your information safe.

Call us on 1300 747 747 and our service team can help set up your Online banking details. Alternatively, you can pop into one of our branches or view our how-to video on our Digital Banking webpage.

Please see our how to videos below.
More information on the app can be found on our Mobile Banking App page.

For any complaints, your first point of contact should be one of our staff members. Ideally, they will address the issue immediately. However, if they are unable to assist, they will escalate the matter to a supervisor or manager. The supervisor or manager will aim to resolve your issue by the following business day. If they are unable to resolve the issue quickly for you, it may be necessary to involve our dispute resolution team, you will be informed if this step is taken.

To lodge a complaint, you can:
Call us on 1300 747 747.
Visit any of our branches and speak with our staff.
Email us at [email protected]
Send a letter to: Dispute Resolution Manager, Qudos Bank, Locked Bag 5020, Mascot NSW 1460.

We typically require your full name, contact information, preferred method of contact, a brief description of the complaint, and your desired resolution to assist you effectively.


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