Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and with a vision to improve our digital offering we will continue to introduce more self-service functionalities in the coming months to help customers bank the way they want in an efficient and secure way.

We encourage customers to keep an eye on our website, social media channels and on your inbox for updates as they are released. You can also find a full list of digital banking services on our Digital Banking webpage.

Mobile Payments

We recently announced the next instalment of mobile payment services: Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.

These services along with Apple Pay and Google Pay are a great alternative when you need to pay on the go.  You can freely leave your wallet at home and use your smartphone or device to make payments anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

Are Mobile Payments secure? Yes, these services can reduce the risk associated with carrying your cash or cards. You can confidently use Mobile Payments knowing your card details are never handed over at the point of sale, instead mobile payment apps mask your card number by assigning a random number or token for each purchase. Mobile payment apps have multiple layers of security to help keep your account safe. You can also add fingerprint, password or PIN as an additional layer of security for your phone or device.

For more information on these services and more payment options, head to our Digital Banking webpage.

Have a specific account question? We have a range of frequently asked questions on our website that you can refer to anytime. Our FAQs section also includes a helpful filter tool so you can find the answer you are looking for straight away. 

Dave’s Latest Tech Tip

Secure Mail

We encourage our customers where possible to use the Secure Mail functionality via the Mobile App or Online Banking to contact us regarding any account related questions you may have.

Secure mail is a safe and convenient way to get in touch. Staff are able to verify you through Secure Mail and answer your questions efficiently without needing to call us.

You can easily view, reply, delete or mark a message as read/unread in your secure mailbox via the "Contact Us" tab within the menu for the Mobile App or via "View Mail" in the right-hand column within the home page of your Online Banking.

Find out more on our Secure Mail webpage.