Get what you want sooner with bonus interest. With a Qudos Bonus Saver Account, you could earn a strong foundation of interest right from the start.

Earn a base rate of 0.05% p.a. on all balances, plus if you make no withdrawals in any calendar month, you'll receive an additional bonus rate on your savings. Our Bonus Savings Account is designed to help you achieve your financial goals faster by offering you a unique opportunity to earn bonus interest on your savings.

Bonus Saver Account Features

Please note, there is no direct access via card to your Bonus Saver. For access you need to move funds into your General Savings Account.

Your deposits are safe with us

Eligible deposit accounts held with Qudos Bank are protected under the Financial Claims Scheme up to $250,000 per customer. Read more on our Government Guarantee on Deposits page.

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Bonus Interest Saver Account Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bonus Interest Savings account?

A Bonus Interest Savings Account is a type of savings account that offers customers the opportunity to earn bonus interest on their savings. This bonus interest is typically given when the account holder meets certain criteria, such as maintaining a minimum balance, making regular deposits, or making no withdrawals within a specific period.

What are the benefits of Bonus Interest Saver accounts?

Bonus Interest Savings Accounts come with many benefits that make them a great choice  for people looking to grow their savings:

  • Higher Interest Rates: Bonus Saver interest rates are generally higher compared to regular savings accounts, allowing your savings to grow faster.
  • Incentivised Saving:Savings accounts with bonus interest accounts encourage you to save more by rewarding you with bonus interest when you meet the criteria, such as maintaining a certain balance or making regular deposits.
  • Flexible Access: While there may be conditions to earn the bonus interest, you typically still have access to your funds when needed, providing a balance between saving and accessibility.
  • Financial Goals: Bonus Savings Accounts may be a useful tool for achieving financial goals, as the bonus interest could significantly boost your savings over time.

What features should I look for in a Bonus Interest Saver account?

When considering a Bonus Interest Saver Account, keep an eye out for the following features:

  • Bonus Criteria: Understand the requirements you need to meet to earn the bonus interest. This could include maintaining a minimum balance, making regular deposits, or sticking to withdrawal limits.
  • Interest Rates: Compare the standard interest rate and the bonus interest rate offered. Higher rates mean more substantial earnings on your savings.
  • Fees: Check for account maintenance fees or any penalties for not meeting the bonus criteria. Make sure the potential benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Accessibility: Evaluate how easily you can access your funds when required. Ensure the account strikes a balance between earning interest and withdrawing money.
  • Online Banking: Convenient online access can simplify account management, which could allow you to track your progress toward meeting bonus conditions.

What is the difference between a bonus interest saver account and a regular savings account?

The key difference between a Bonus Saver Interest Account and a regular savings account lies in the potential to earn bonus interest. While both account types facilitate saving, a Bonus Saver Interest Account offers an additional incentive in the form of bonus interest. To earn this bonus interest, account holders must meet specific criteria, which is not a feature of most regular savings accounts.

What happens if I don't meet the conditions for earning bonus interest?


If you fail to meet the conditions required to earn bonus interest in a Bonus Interest Saver Account, you’ll typically earn the standard base interest rate instead. It's important to review the terms and conditions of the account to understand how the bonus interest works and what happens if you don't fulfil the requirements.

Where can I learn more about bonus interest saver accounts?


To learn more about savings account bonuses, contact Qudos Bank to speak to our team who will be able to provide you with more information.

How many Bonus Saver accounts can I have per membership?

You can only have one Bonus Saver account per membership.

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4.70 % p.a.  Bonus Interest


Open a Bonus Saver account

Are you an existing Qudos Bank member?

Open your Bonus Saver account in Online Banking

Open your account online in just a few easy steps!

1. Login to Online Banking.

2. Click on the Apply and Create Account buttons in the top menu.

Before you can apply for a Bonus Saver account, you'll need to become a member of Qudos Bank.

It's easy to join online in just a few minutes!

1. Open a Bonus Saver account online.

2. Once you've opened your account, login to Online Banking.

Note: to open a new joint account both parties must be present

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